Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sooner is gonna be better than later

On Friday I got lots of fun things in the mail!

First, I got a postcard from Russia! It's pretty :)

Then I opened the package filled with $62.00 worth of stamps. I looked at them all and admired them and totally hated the baby animal U.S. stamps, but ta~ nothing I can do about Canada Post's shitty stamp designs, I guess. They never listen when I write them letters and notes about it anyway. 

I also received two books that I ordered from Amazon.ca. The first is called Clicker Training for Birds. I got this book so that Mike and I can teach Scout to be a good bird and hopefully it will help her with her flying. She always flies to one of us as soon as we leave the room, and it is problematic. Sometime she lands on the stove, which is very dangerous! Or maybe we have the door open to go outside... It could lead to so many bad things! We just need a clicker and to finish reading the book.

The second book is called The Joy of Less: a Minimalist Living Guide. I started reading this almost as soon as I tore the packaging open. It's so good, but in a life-changing way. First thing I did Saturday morning was clean out and de-clutter the bathroom. We have very limited space in the single bathroom cabinet and I was hoarding so much crap in there--that I've never even used! So, I tossed or donated it. Then I tackled my dresser. I organized the panty drawer and folded all the clothes (it was a mess...) and got rid of moooore stuff. 

Sunday I worked on my closet. I think I should get rid of more clothing, but I'm going to wait and see if I wear more of it before I remove it forever. Actually, I have a 6 bag donation pile sitting beside the door that needs to gtfo of my house pronto. I'm really enjoying it. There's lots of stuff to get rid of, I just need to convince Mike to pare down some of his items as well (ahem, BOOKS). Not even kidding, 97% of our books are his. I don't even know if he's read them all.

I also cleaned out my jewelry box. It was a madhouse in those drawers. I threw away the broken pieces and then I'm going to donate all the stuff I never wear or just isn't me anymore. Honestly, I've had a lot of that jewelry since I was in middle school. That's like, sixth grade, people. Ugh!

Before. Such a mess!
Beautiful! The earring drawer is my favourite.
Anyway, that made me feel very productive over the weekend. And my room felt cleaner even though all I did was put all laundry away, get rid of some clothes, clean off the night stands and sweep. I do still need to sort through the pile of paper and junk on the dresser, though. Buh!

I've been logging my food on MyFitnessPal for five days in a row now. I'm impressed with myself. All previous attempts failed miserably, but it's WAY easier when I can use the MFP App on my phone. And I can even use a bar code scanner! It's amazing.

Technology, I adore you.

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