Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday I had the privilege to attend my very first ice hockey game ever. AND lucky me, it was an Olympic event! WOO! Mike's uncle gave us two tickets to see the Latvija vs Czech game which was last night at 7pm. It was awesome. Czech scored the first two goals, then I think it was the 2nd period when Latvija realized, "Oh, yeah, we are playing hockey!" and they finally stopped being SO defensive and actually starting trying to make some goals. They managed to tie up the game by 3rd period and had to go into a 10min overtime. The entire arena (aside from the Czech fans) were chanting LAT V A. It was wild. They didn't get a goal, the Czech team did and then it was all over. Czech 3-2 Lat. Ah well, it was still good, but I really wanted Latvija to win.

I also ate my very first hotdog in Canada yesterday at the game. It was no Dietz & Watson, but it was still good. We also went and saw the Olympic cauldron. The weather was total shit and I don't have a raincoat, so my clothes got soaked through and I became the most miserable person... it was highly unpleasant for me. Now we know what my next purchase is going to be: a raincoat! I AM living in BC after all. A fleece coat isn't going to cut it.

Other than that, I'm pretty sure I'm having some sort of breakdown. :D

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  1. XD, I liked your "hors de la pratique" (you can say "n'est pas terrible", it's more natural =)), but I make so much mistakes in english too! Anyway, I sooo want to see a hockey game on time in my life, juste for put an geant hand, you are so lucky!